Email compliance legislation controls the protection and preservation of enterprise data.

What Is Compliance Legislation?

Apart from enabling you to recover lost or deleted emails, email archiving will accelerate your audit response and guarantee a smooth ediscovery process.

Email Retention Laws Then and Now

Defining how long your company will keep email communication can prove more challenging than you initially thought.

How long should your retention policy really be?

The costs of misconduct for a single employee vary between $200k and $300k.

Although regulatory compliance remains the no. 1 driver of email archiving, its benefits go way beyond that.

What is the point of archiving emails?

Despite these obvious advantages to social media, there is also a sentiment of concern, especially among legal and compliance teams.

Impact of Social Media on Ediscovery

Even the most innocuous two-sentence email could demonstrate a frosty or warm relationship between employees.

A Few Words About Email Quotas

Metadata is vital in ediscovery cases when every email is thoroughly inspected as a piece of evidence and when message fidelity is key.

Bojana Krstić

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