Email compliance legislation controls the protection and preservation of enterprise data.

Most business owners today are aware of certain responsibilities they have for email archiving under compliance legislation, but aren’t sure what the point of email compliance is or how to ensure it.

This blog post is a good starting point if you want to learn more about regulatory compliant email…

Apart from enabling you to recover lost or deleted emails, email archiving will accelerate your audit response and guarantee a smooth ediscovery process.

As Tom Peters once said, “almost all quality improvement comes through the simplification of design, manufacturing, layout, processing and procedures”.

In automated archiving, the essence of automation is to increase efficiency, simplify email management procedures and improve both speed and accuracy. …

The costs of misconduct for a single employee vary between $200k and $300k.

Since most organizations implement email and social media archiving solutions to automate regulatory compliance and speed up open data request response times, they often forget the crucial component that is entwined with all the reasons behind archiving ‒ the human factor.

Employee investigation can be the result of various HR-related…

Although regulatory compliance remains the no. 1 driver of email archiving, its benefits go way beyond that.

Email archiving is 20 years old, but there are still companies that are reluctant to adopt it. The rationale is often monetary — for small and medium-sized businesses in unregulated industries, an archive often seems like a costly and inessential project.

Since email archiving is mandated in regulated industries such…

Despite these obvious advantages to social media, there is also a sentiment of concern, especially among legal and compliance teams.

Social media has become the norm in business communication, even in highly regulated industries. And it is recognized by law as official business records, on par with traditional forms of communication such as email.

As a result, social media affects the ediscovery process, as companies need to address another form…

Even the most innocuous two-sentence email could demonstrate a frosty or warm relationship between employees.

Having an effective ediscovery system in place is a saving grace for many companies, especially in cases of litigation and maintaining compliance to various federal and industry email retention laws and electronic data retention best practices.

A Few Words About Email Quotas

Email quotas are common in business. They’re used to manage the amount of data…

Bojana Krstić

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